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June 28th 2011

If you are going to this site for information on URS, please click here and bookmark the official URS members page. This page you are on is the old L-3 site.

April 28th - Update
More than 50 members from URS at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station attended a Union informational meeting on the evening of Saturday, April 9 to receive an update on the status of first contract negotiations.

At the meeting, members received and provided information, asked questions on the process and issues, and provided essential twoway communication.

Since the Union was certified as the bargaining agent in early January, significant progress has been made toward a first collective bargaining agreement, including face-to-face bargaining sessions with the company during the first week of April.

The URS members on the negotiating committee have done an excellent job providing expert insight to company negotiators on issues of workweek, field duty, TDY detachment, special assignment differentials and overtime. The members thoroughly explained each issue and gave examples of the impact each issue has on individuals and why they are important to our members.

Through meetings, email, and surveys, members have made it clear that work hours while at NAS Whidbey and especially on TDY are a top concern.

A number of tentative agreements were reached in the bargaining sessions that are very important to shaping the direction of these negotiations. Topics of some of the tentative agreements include:

• Grievance and arbitration procedure;

• Bereavement leave;

• Successor clause (if a new contractor wins the bid, it gives us some language to negotiate a bridge agreement with the new contractor);

• Union rep access to site;

• Union Steward language;

In addition, the April 9 member meeting also gave a chance for open discussion about the issues needing improvement that were identified through conversations, surveys, meetings, etc., which include:

• Wages;

• Pension and 401(k);

• Hours of work, overtime and shift differential;

• Time off, which includes vacation, sick leave, holidays;

• Medical, dental, vision benefits;

• Filling of job openings;

• Field duty/travel pay, lodging;

• Promotion language;

• Training/apprenticeship program;

• Discharge/discipline for just cause;

• Special assignment differential; and

• Rules on being assigned or change of assigned shift.

The Union feels confident all of our issues have been thoroughly explained and the company understands. We will continue to push forward on all issues that are important to our members and keep the membership informed of our progress.


March 24th - IAM National Pension Fund

Negotiating the IAM National Pension Fund into our bargaining agreement with URS will be one of the most worthwhile benefits we are able to obtain. Click here for more information.

Click here to download PDF flyer on National Pension Fund.

For more information on the IAM National Pension Fund, visit:

March 21st - email issues

We have fixed the email issues we had from March 18th below.
Thank You

March 18th - email Communications

We sent out the first email communication last evening to our members home email list. We had 40 emails with errors in the address. If you gave us your home email and didn't receive our email last night, please click here so we can correct your email address.

Thank you

March 17, 2011 Update:

Recognizing that union negotiations are a first for many of the URS Negotiating Committee members, the IAM wanted to deliver proper training so members would be most effective. URS Negotiating Committee members spent an intensive week of training at the IAM Education and Technology Center– with the focus on moving forward toward a first contract.

Joining the URS members at the training are Business Reps Jon Holden and Richard Jackson, along with 751 Administrative Assistant Jim Bearden – who are just a few of the Union leaders negotiating with URS on the contract.

The rigorous training focused on:
• Drafting specific bargaining agreement language to address issues members have identified.
• Studying the IAM National Pension Plan.
• Building the next membership survey (which will be distributed by the URS Negotiating Committee).
• Developing a communication plan to keep the membership informed throughout the negotiation process and informed about union activities.
• Researching and defining issues with the current health care plan.
• Defining language concerning TDY assignments.

The course provides bargaining committees with the skills and tools needed to deliver the best possible contract for members at URS. It is customized to meet the needs of the specific bargaining unit.

" It has been a great week,” said Greg Ringelstetter. “I appreciate the IAM 751 group for allowing us to educate and prepare ourselves for the upcoming negotiations. We have really had our eyes opened to the process.”

Don Fabrao was also impressed and stated, “"Definitely not what I expected. The facilities, staff as well as the hospitality, are top notch. The long hours spent gaining information to be utilized in drafting our very first Collective Bargaining Agreement is invaluable. Definitely money well spent. Thank you IAM!

Overall the sharing of ideas and the understanding we are gaining is a benefit to us all and will help deliver the best contract for members at URS.

March 2nd 2011 -

Committee members are following up with those members who believe they are misclassified and have returned a misclassification card to the Union. In order to show a misclassification, we will need to document the actual work being performed and compare it to the proper job classification. If you need a misclassification form, click here to download, then fill it out and mail it back or return it to a committee member.

Committee members have met weekly with Union reps to examine issues and research potential contract language, to convey specific concerns and to review information URS has provided to date. These meetings ensure ongoing communication throughout the site. Please let committee members know of any issues/incidents you believe the Union should be aware of.

Union representatives recently visited NAS Whidbey to go on a site visit. We were able to see some of the shops you work in, along with the work you perform.

Committee members will be attending a first contract negotiations class at the IAM training center in Maryland. We will be working on our Union proposal, negotiation tactics, communication and other important skills.

February 7th 2011 - First of all, we want to thank all the members who turned out for the February 5th meeting to be a part of the bargaining process. We also want to thank all members who were nominated and willing to accept that nomination to be a part of your IAM Negotiating Committee for your upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations.

We had a great turnout on February 5th at Mi Pueblo Restaurant where we held the vote to determine your committee members. The following were elected to your committee:

Prowler Growler Supply/Support/Logistics
Mark Koontz Don Fabrao Shannon Carr
Bill Neighbours James Ward
Greg Ringelstetter
Ken Wolf

We will be contacting each committee member to determine the best days and times to meet. In the future, we may determine that we need additional committee members for potential subcommittees. If that occurs, we will pull from those who accepted nominations and were on the February 5th ballot.

All members have been sent surveys to participate in the process. We will continue tabulating those results as we receive them to be used by the committee in developing specific proposals. In addition, we have had discussion with the company regarding our information requests and are still waiting to receive complete information. Based on the information provided to date, we have submitted additional requests regarding fringe benefit plans including 401K, medical, dental, existing work rules, and other company policies and procedures.

We are continuing to update the web, please check often for the latest information. We are also collecting email addresses for future updates. As we are looking to improve our communications throughout this process, click here to send us your email address in order to get future updates sent to you (Be sure to include your name, location, shift, job classification, department, aircraft platform).

As we've stated before, your participation in this process will make us successful in securing a Collective Bargaining Agreement with URS that addresses your needs. We continue to encourage bargaining unit employees to fill out a membership application, so everyone can participate fully in the survey and bargaining process.

January 24th Update - Meeting Notice and Nomination Information









A number of members have been nominated for the negotiating committee. Those nominated members will be receiving a letter notifying them of the nomination, along with instructions on how to accept their nomination. When accepting a nomination, you will need to state your name, location, shift, job classification, aircraft platform and contact information, including cell phone and email address. Those members who accept the nomination must be willing to perform the following functions:

  • Meet with IAM union representatives on a regular basis on non-working hours.

  • Gather and disseminate information from your assigned groups. This would include updates, progress reports and collecting information from your assigned groups to convey their concerns.

  • Filling in any information gaps that may arise.

We are still accepting nominations through February 1st. Nominated members must accept the nomination by end of day on February 3rd (by calling 1-800-763-1301, ext. 3305 or email Any members who accept their nomination will be on the ballot, which will be voted at the February 5th meeting. In order to make sure that you elect a committee that is well-represented across the worksite by shift and aircraft platform, the ballot will be designed by shift and aircraft platform.

January 14th Update -

From membership discussions and your first survey, the following issues seem to be rising to the top (not in priority order).
Medical dental options
PTO/Holiday/Sick Leave/Vacation
Guaranteed Work Week

Keep in mind not everyone participated in the first survey. We expect these priorities to be more refined as you fill out more surveys and get more members involved in the process.

We are mailing out a second survey to members today (Jan. 14th). Throughout the bargaining process, our strength and effectiveness comes from the participation of each of you. Take an active role in securing a first agreement by filling out surveys, attending meetings and staying informed.

Mark your calendar and plan to attend our next meeting on Saturday, February 5th at the Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant (916 SE Bayshore Dr, Oak Harbor). We selected February 5th because it was important for us to make sure as many employees as possible could attend, and currently there was a large group out on a TDY detachment.

January 4th 2011 - Your election has been certified!

Below is the cerficiation of the election counted on December 27th 2010. The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) are developing an extensive information request that will be sent to URS Corporate as of end of business today.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the preparations for negotiations as they occur.

click here for a .pdf of document

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